An Interactive Custom Story Book Builder

Its’ your story let us help you tell it!
Completely original, your one-of-a-kind story comes to life!

Imagination comes to life with your child in the authors seat to create a custom unique story of their very own with Creating Arts Company custom story book builder! Watch in delight as your child is the star of the story with their very own name in the title and choose the characters, setting and plot! All books are customized, not from a template, with your specifications and include custom illustrations.

kids creative development

Why is this important?
Development of Your Child’s Creativity.

Create A Story is not only a fun project for you and your child but an educational experience as well! As you bond with the interactive form builder, guiding your child’s creativity, your child is learning valuable skills! Along with using imagination, which helps develop self-esteem, social and language skills, empathy and innovation, helping your child build their story also helps teach story form, writing and “proofing” reviewing their work, an invaluable skill for homework and class work. Create A Story is a fun, education, bonding activity that’s great for parents and children, classrooms, community programs and specialty groups!


Bring your imagination to life…

Your Custom Story

Creating Arts Company is proud to provide a truly original book building experience! We custom write and illustrate each and every Create A Story specific to your directions and we never use a template! Our writers have years of experience writing children's books, plays and shows and have been custom writing special birthday party shows and stories for our patrons for years!

Use your imagation

From naming the book to the final sentence your child is the author and has complete creative control straight from your imagination! The steps will help keep your story building on track and give you tips on what comes next, which will help with your story flow. While the steps are there as a guide, we suggest always letting your child's imagination have the final say! All ideas are great ideas when telling your story!

Check your story

After you have filled in all the story steps it's now time for your final review. This can be a fun activity for you and your child and helps children learn how to check their work, an invaluable tool for homework skills! Read the steps back to your child and get final approval. Ask your child how they think the story sounds, use questions that illicit responses and not just yes and know answers.

The final step

With the magic seal of approval it’s time for your new book to find you via digital download delivery or hard or soft back directly to your door! Ordering hard or soft copies is easy, comes in a variety of sizes with no minimum! Order one as a keepsake or order multiple books as a party gift, class gift or family gift! Higher quantity orders also receive a discount!


Create Your Book Now


Digital Download Story


Printed Story Book

Fill out the form in just a few easy steps.

Our custom form builder makes bringing your child’s imagination to life as simple as 1, 2, 3! Just follow the interactive story book builder prompts, select your names, characters, themes, settings and fill out your story line. Once you’ve gone through the entire form you will have a chance to update or change before submitting. Once submitted, our team of talented writers will begin putting your child’s story into book form. There are three types of books available: 1. digital download 2. Soft Back bound 3. Hard Back bound. Since we custom make every order, all orders take a minimum of 2 weeks from submission date to process. Shipping is free for digital and ground and is as follows: digital downloads-free deliver to your inbox upon completion of processing, soft and hard back bound books up to 7 business days after processing for ground. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. Since all books are customized to your specifications there are no returns or refunds.

  • Select You Book Name

    All great books begin with a great name, and what better name than yours to be in the title?!

  • Make Your Main Character

    Every book has a main character, the person the story is mostly about. Who is that character? Is it you, a friend or a made up person?

  • Choose Other Characters

    How many more characters are in your story? Are they people, animals, fantastical creatures? You can have as many additional characters as you want! Make sure they have something to do with the main character of your story!

  • Pick Your Theme!

    The stories theme is how it feels. Is it a real life story, or a fairy tale or fantasy story? You can even combine themes for a brand new kind of theme! A Superhero-Real Life-Fantasy story!

  • Select Your Setting!

    This is where you get to decide where your story takes place! The setting is the location, the date, the time and all the things that make up where and when.

  • Tell Your Story!

    Ok, here’s the fun part! In your own words tell us your story! What happens? Who’s making it happen? What type of conflict happens? Our story elves are very excited to put your story into words and pictures for you! So be as creative as you can be and give us lots of details!

  • Submit Your Story!

    You’re almost done! You’ve told us your story and now it’s time to let us put it all together! Just press the final button to submit.

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Gift Certificates and Store Vouchers

$25.00 – $50.00

Give the gift of Live Immersive Interactive Theatre! Our gift certificates make the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages! Use them for anything on the site from shows and events to products, with absolutely no expiration date. All gift certificates are kept on your account to be used anytime. They are customizable, transferable and are a great present idea for birthdays, holidays and special occasions!

Need to make a change NO PROBLEM!!
Did you submit your child’s story and then find out that they forgot a really important detail which is causing a mini-melt down? Don’t worry, orders have 48 hours to submit changes. It’s simple just email us and ask for a change request form! We will email you the form, you fill it out, email it back to us and your changes will be applied and your child’s story back on track!

FREE Digital Copy with every printed book!!
Ordering a print copy but want to be able to share the story with all your friends and family? You can, because every print copy comes with a digital download copy for you to share over and over!

About Your Order

All Create A Story books are custom made directly from your child’s imagination and dreams! Once your story is submitted our team of professional writers and illustrators will create a one-of-a-kind, unique book from your submissions. Please include any special instructions in the final field before submitting. If this is a gift please fill out the send as gift field. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for all books to process prior to shipping. All bound books are shipped the day after processing via ground and takes 5-7 business days.  For more information visit our order policy page.

Ticket Types


Ticket Prices: • General Admission $15.00 / VIP Reserved $30.00 / per person • Under 11 months free (lap seating only. If a seat is required for a baby carrier it is a child general admission ticket price) General Admission: General Admission refers to seating areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis. When purchasing tickets for a General Admission event, you may be quoted section, row, and seat numbers, however these are for inventory purposes only and do not reflect any actual seating location. VIP: VIP ticket holders have reserved seating assignments with the best seats in the house, typically the first two rows or isle. As a VIP ticket holder you won’t have to show up early to stand in line to ensure a good seat.

La-Tea-Da Tickets (Twinkle Tea – Whoop Tea Deux) are one price only and include the full Tea Party. All children require a ticket, NO exceptions. All children are allowed two adults free of charge that may accompany them.

Types of Shows

  Twinkle Theatre Twinkle Theatre is a perfect introduction to musical theatre for babies and toddlers ages one to five. All twinkle theatre shows are thirty minutes, musically driven, light and bright with no black outs and no scary villains. All costuming is minimal “pajama style” to ensure a non-intimidating fun experience! Mini Musicals This show is a one hour Creating Arts Company signature Mini Musical, which is an interactive-cinematic-theatrical-musical experience. Children are encouraged to cheer for the hero’s, boo for the villains, sing, dance and clap along. All children receive a free toy music maker upon entering. Pint Size Play This show is a one hour Creating Arts Company signature Mini Musical, which is an interactive-cinematic-theatrical-musical experience. Children are encouraged to cheer for the hero’s, boo for the villains, sing, dance and clap along. All children receive a free toy music maker upon entering. Jr. Broadway Jr. Broadway Productions are one hour and thirty minutes with a ten minute intermission. They are song-interactive and edited for families and their children ages eight and up! Jr. Broadway Shows are the perfect way to introduce your older child to a bigger theatrical experience and they are fun for the whole family! Twinkle Tea Time Twinkle Tea Time is a fun, yummy one hour storybook tea party where favorite characters come to life! Children between the ages of three and five will sit down to a scrumptious age appropriate nosh of fun finger foods and a special 100% organic juice “tea” and be entertained by characters that literally jump out of the book and come to life right before their very eyes. Up to two adults may accompany a child and all adults are served coffee, tea and an appetizer. Whoop-Tea-Deux Tea Time Designed for children ages 5-11 and introduces them to tea time in a social setting with their favorite characters singing, dancing and interacting with them! All children are escorted to their very own special place setting at a professionally decorated table and eat scrumptious catered age appropriate food with 100% juice “tea. Up to two adults may accompany a child and all adults are served coffee, tea and an appetizer.

Ticket Order Policy

  TERMS AND CONDITIONS TICKET SALES FOR LIVE EVENTS Doors open to all shows 15 minutes prior to show time. No one will be admitted 20 minutes after the show opens. General admission ticket seating is first come first serve. Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangable and only valid with proper ID. If there is an emergency and you can not make it please contact our offices before show time.All shows are general seating unless otherwise specified. Our shows sell out so it’s always a good idea to get their on time. There is NO video or photography allowed during the show, unless otherwise specified. For more information about our Terms of Sale please visit the Order Policy page.

What to Expect

  The Mini-Musicals, Pint Size Plays and Twinkle-Theater shows are audience interactive and have a special section for children to sit on stage or close to the stage, so they can easily get up and sing and dance with the characters. It’s absolutely fine for your child to blow their instrument, talk to the characters or sing and dance with them! The Mini-Musical is designed to help children understand what going to the theater is all about, so there is use of lighting for scene changes and effects. It’s always a good idea to explain to younger children that the lights may go black for a second here and there but they will always come back on. Musical instrument toys (Mini Musicals Only) are given to children when they enter the theater prior to the show. We encourage you and your child to use the instrument or sing during songs! After all shows there is a character meet and greet where your child may get autographs, take pictures and video. La-Tea-Da Tea Times: (Twinkle Tea – Whoop Tea Deux) Twinkle Tea Time is designed to help children ages three to five with social interaction in a fun setting with yummy food and entertainment. All children are served food by characters and are encouraged to interact, sing and dance. Children also will be helped with listen skills and creativity. All Twinkle Tea Times are professionally decorated, catered especially with the twinkle set in mind.

Promo Codes and Discounts

  Promo codes and discounts are available for most of our shows, before ordering please keep in mind the following policy. – Limited to availability. – Used on a first come first serve basis. – Good for a single use per order, show or event. – Available for a limited time period. – Non transferable and can not be exchanged for store credit or cash. – Discounts rates can vary dependent on type of promotion.

Size Chart

SMALL (110-120LBS) 60 CM 52-68 CM 63 CM
MEDUIM (120-130LBS) 64 CM 52-68 CM 68 CM
LARGE (130-140LBS) 68 CM 58-76 CM 72 CM