Hoot Helping Out Others Today
Hoot Helping Others Out Today

The Hoot Project + Helping Out Others Today!

Our Mission


Creating Arts Company was created in 2011 with one goal in mind, to inspire, empower, enrich and entertain children through the performing arts. Since then we have performed hundreds of shows, taught countless classes and camps and have brought out outreach programs to over 60 schools and community organizations including The Nut Allergy Association for Children, West LA Parent of Multiples, The LA Autism Alliance for Children, and multiple women’s shelters and hospitals. Statics show that children who are exposed to and participate in the performing arts score higher on test scores, have higher self-esteem, are more socially conscious and are creative thinkers, among many other benefits.

TODAY: Our goal for 2018 is to bring our shows, camps and classes to 20 schools in the Los Angeles area, as well as continue offering 20% of tickets to our public shows to those families who otherwise could not afford to attend live theatre. To-date we are completely self-funded but are now spreading our wings and brushing off our 501 so we can request donations to make this magic happen!

THE FUTURE: We have big dreams and even bigger visions for how we can help out all over the world! The H.O.O.T program has a long term goal of providing self-sustaining cultural centers all over the world, that bonds families and community, explores and preserves community heritage and inspires, enriches, empowers and educates children through the performing arts, sports, visual arts and STEM classes, camps and opportunities. HOOT centers will provide jobs for the community, offer support in times of crisis and emergencies and serve as a safe-haven for those in need during and after disasters. We are working on this program and are hopeful we can help children around the world soon!

Creating Arts Co.


Inspiring, enriching, empowering and educating children through the arts has been our passion since we began in Los Angeles, CA.  back in 2011. Children are the heart and soul of our company and the reason we do what we do, at Creating Arts Company, we truly believe that the children are our future, as well as a solid sense of community. When people come together for the greater good, communities thrive. Since our inception we’ve believed in giving back, and our outreach program has become the backbone of what we do, providing schools, community centers and organizations needed program and entertainment. Our future goal expands beyond this vision, as we believe every child, and every community deserves opportunity to come together with arts, sports and science. Our goal is to provide these opportunities in areas that have a dire need, to provide jobs, and give the children a place to expand their mind so they can change the future.

Get Involved


HEALING ARTS ANGELS: We work directly with hospitals to provide volunteer performances, classes, speakers and mentoring programs to children and patients. Some programs we offer are outreach for the children of ill parents or family members, as well as children who are in the hospital themselves.

BLOOM: This volunteer program offers performances, classes, speakers and mentoring programs to low-income schools, community centers, organizations and shelters.

SOAR: Members of our artistic community volunteer and bring performances, classes, speakers and mentoring programs to high-risk youth.

For more information or to have us come to your school or community please request a CAC Studios Outreach Application by emailing: happykids@creatingarts.org


THEY NEED YOU! In order for us to continue giving away tickets, offering free arts programs to the many schools and communities we take them too and to increase our reach, we need your help! Your charitable donation will help us fund our outreach program so we can continue bringing the arts to children across Southern California. Even a small donation can help pay for one child’s ticket to a show! No amount is too small or to large, and your cash gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for taxes! 

If you would like information on the HOOT Project. Please feel free to contact us directly. Phone (310)804-0223 or email: happykids@creatingarts.org

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